“The crust of the earth is a vast museum.”

-- The Origin of Species, Charles Darwin

We are living in a rapidly changing world, with continuous industrialisation, urbanisation, and changing living conditions for flora, fauna and people. Questions are always hovering over my head: What would be the impacts of such changes on our planet? How can we adapt to such changes?

I am a climatologist working on ecosystem modelling and climate modelling. Welcome to the Climate and Environment Numerical Lab (CENL) with an endeavour to digitalize our living environments and evaluate their responses to changing climate. I develop and apply numerical models with in-situ measurements and Big Data. My current main interests include:

  • Global carbon cycle

  • Fluxes exchanges in the planetary boundary layer

  • Vegetation dynamics

  • Soil-vegetation-atmosphere interaction

  • Vegetation response to extremes, and the legacy effects.

  • Temporal and spatial variability in ecosystem state and climate; changes in the carbon cycle and their relationship with climate variability.

  • Ecosystem modelling and climate modelling and their scale dependencies.

Welcome to give me a message via my email (minchaowu.acd(at)gmail.com) or via researchgate if you would like to discuss all the interesting things in science. You can also view my work in Google Scholar.