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  • Would like to draw your attention to our recently published studies on the environmental effects of geoengineering in China using high-resolution remote-sensing techniques in RS (2022-10-08)

  • Good news! Our study about "Drought legacy in sub-seasonal vegetation state and sensitivity to climate over the Northern Hemisphere" has been published by GRL (2022-07-18)

  • Good news! Our study about "Atmospheric Jet Stream Variability Reflects Vegetation Activity in Europe" has been published by Agricultural and Forest Meteorology (2022-05-27).

  • In April, I will go back to Lund University as a researcher and continue to work on ecosystem and climate modellng (2022-03-24).

  • Our research paper about shelterbelt effects on crop yield has just been accepted by ERL (2022-03-01)

  • Good news!! SNSA has granted 3.8M SEK for our research project for improving vegetation feedbacks in Africa (2021-12-31).

  • The teaching materials related to the section "climate modelling " in the course "Climate Variation" are now updated here (2021-12-16).

  • The semester is going to be ended, parts of the teaching materials related to the course "climatological methods" are now updated here (2021-05-26).

  • Multiple remote-sensing observations reveal the importance of early growing season vegetation state to climate-vegetation coupling for Europe, the work is now published in JGR! (2021-03-23).

  • Our study of the impact of vegetation feedback on Amazon rainforest transition is now published in GRL ! (2021-03-22).

  • Precipitation over the Congo basin is sensitive to turbulent mixing revealed by our latest study in Climate Dynamics (2021-01-05).

  • The effects of scale dependencies vs. model formulation on the simulated precipitation are now can be seen in our published article in ESD! (2020-04-29)

  • Our another paper about Amazonian rainforest transition is now published in Nat. Comm., exciting results! (2017-8-31)

  • Intact forests crucial to Amazon ecosystem resilience, stable climate, my honour to be interviewed by Mongabay. (2017-8-29)

  • The land use impact on the Amazon region is not merely local, see pop-science article in LU press. (2017-6-27)

  • Our paper for investigating the and use impacts on the Amazonian rainforest has been published in ERL! (2017-5-15)

  • Exciting field trip to the Amazonian rainforest with our lovely field measurement experts! (2016-9-16)

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CENL endeavors to improve the understanding of land-atmosphere interaction by probing into vegetation dynamics and their biogeophysical and biogeochemical feedback to climate, with a special focus on these dynamics under climatic extremes. We develop and apply ecosystem models and climate models to test our research hypothesis, and produce key ecosystem and climate variables to provide high-quality ecosystem and climate datasets at different temporal and spatial scales for the scientific community and stakeholders.